—This message was channeled by Full Body Channel Melissa Navarro. The energetic codes within the message are powerful and transforming, therefore it should always remain intact and in this original form. You may share the link to this message, but permission is not given to reproduce excerpts in any way, shape or form.

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Queen Nefertiti

Egyptian High Priestess, Avatar

The communion with the higher realms has always been of great importance to man. In the day of the Pharaohs, communication with the deities and gods were definitions of strength, power, knowledge, wisdom, prosperity. One connected with the gods in very specific ways. Every day was another day to honor the gods. In Egypt existed many tools to assist one in the ascension to higher planes and realms for this communication to take place.

These tools were of great power, great assistance to those seeking higher advancement, higher connection, assistance from the powers that ruled and governed the masses on Earth. One utilized the rods in very specific ways. At the beginning of one’s training, the rods were used to heal, to cleanse, to ensure vibration was in alignment with the higher realms. Conditioning was necessary. As one became more and more accustomed to the higher vibrations, a new tool would be given and utilized accordingly. The fillings were specific to the needs and the advancement of the individual.

In time, when one had entrained the vessel and the aura to vibrate at capacities strong and powerful; at intensities and vibrations of the other realms; one was given access to the knowledge, the scrolls dictating how to commune with the Gods; how to commune with the deities that bring wealth, power, strength, fertility, knowledge. The scrolls activated what is known as the Kundalini, the serpent energies within, drawing from the well of power, connecting one with the universal energies that now could be conducted, directed as one wished. As one grew more and more knowledgeable, more and more in tune with the energies and the techniques, one could manifest great miracles, great feats.

The Pharaohs could use this power for their own will; for their own purposes. There was no system which monitored the use of the energies; only one and one’s will could direct.

Question:  Were these tools solely used for the purpose of connection to higher realms and deities?

No. For healing and entrainment of the aura and systems to that of a healthy, vital, more evolved being; for maintaining health and longevity of one’s life force energy; for drawing strength, balance into the physical body; for balancing the elements within; for drawing the forces of manifestation into the mind; for creation and manifestation. These were the purposes for use of these tools; ancient tools of evolution, magick, healing and creation.

Question: What purposes do the Rods serve for humanity at this time?

Connection with the higher realms. Connection. Manifestation.

Physical balancing of the energetics, the lines of energy running throughout the body, meridians, chakras, nadii; the energetic lines of the etheric body, aura, field; management of the lines and creation of full use of the energy. Creates health and vitality; creates free flow of energy for use of the being in all aspects of life.

Utilizing these rods brings forth higher access to the full potential of a human. Balancing the elements and the universal energies within the being allows for higher evolution, utilization of one’s potential; one’s gifts, one’s knowledge and abilities soar; one’s gifts heighten; one’s connection to Source greatens.

These are the uses that humanity may derive still from the sacred geometry of the pyramids. The geometry and the connection to the higher realms brought forth through the patterns brings this down through the veils, through the density as a tool for ascension and growth of the human psyche; growth of the human’s abilities; evolution.

Understanding the geometry of the pyramids is essential to mastering the rods to highest capacities. One may utilize the tools and derive benefit, however, understanding, integrating the geometry into one’s being allows for a higher level of use; a level that creates great connection to the knowledge, to the texts of great power. Understanding the geometry will bring heightened awareness, connection, growth, expansion.