By Melissa Navarro


Unless removed, negative energy can remain embedded within the etheric field for decades, causing unhealthy patterns to repeat frequently, and more notably causing physical illnesses. In fact, approximately 90% of all physical illnesses are linked to negative energies trapped within the etheric field. Removing these negative energies allows one to truly heal the Root of physical and/or emotional disease so that you can move forward in life with a healthier physical body and with fewer repeats of old patterns and behaviors.



The Etheric Body is a structure located outside and within the physical body, functioning as a blueprint for our physical forms. The physical matter of the body tissues exist because this vital energy field shapes and anchors them. It is the energy pattern of every cell, organ, muscle, limb, bone and blood of the denser physical structure. An etheric pattern underlies all living things within the physical world- animals, plants, minerals and even Gaia, the Earth herself.

Healing and adjusting the Etheric Body leads to tremendous, and often immediate results. Diseases are caused by blockages and restriction of energy flow, or at times, too much flow of energy near vital organs. In either case, the energy flow is disrupted, unbalanced, and eventually manifests in the physical body as pain or an organic disturbance of some kind. Emotionally, disruption in energy flow results in the formation of limiting thought patterns and cyclical thought forms that keep us stuck in an automatic negative response to challenges. Removing the energetic disturbances allows us to eliminate the Root energy fueling disease and patterning, greatly increasing the efficacy of traditional medicine and cognitive work. Even when other modalities have failed in the past, healing the Etheric Body in conjunction with these modalities leads to new, amazing results because the disease is healed from the Root, or the OUTside, IN.


health = balance on all levels

A healthful lifestyle includes creating and maintaining balance on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Remember: we are dynamic beings! ALL bodies are linked and imbalance in one body always affects the others.


Imbalances can be divided into two categories:


Those that originate below & work upwards.
In other words, a physical condition that is affecting the emotional and mental states

Those that originate above & work downwards.
In other words, emotional or mental blockages affecting the physical bodily functions


The challenge of any deep healing program is to find the point of origin of disharmony at the root of the imbalance. Next, to support in removal of this blockage and subsequent healing of all areas of all bodies that have been affected by it.


Therefore, in order to achieve and maintain True Wholistic Health, three factors must occur simultaneously

  1. Healing of the Physical Body
  2. Healing & re-education of the Emotions & the Mind
  3. Connection to the Higher Self (Spirit) and Source of all Life Force

The aim is to clear the blocked or twisted channels which impede the flow of Vital Life Force from one’s own connection to Spirit in order to establish Harmony between the Soul and ALL its vehicles.

Successful manifestation of our needs and desires, such as good physical health, into the Physical Plane is dependent upon a clear and balanced flow of energy from the Source of all Life Force down the planes of manifestation (i.e. from the Spiritual Plane → Mental Plane → Emotional Plane → finally Physical Plane). Blockage on any of these planes will cause distortion in manifestation on the planes both above and below the root of the imbalance.

For example, a blockage on the Mental Plane caused by memories and thought forms about a past traumatic car accident will cause distortion to the Emotional and Physical Planes which may manifest as fearful tendencies and kidney stones. An individual might experience such pain that they receive medical support in the form of a procedure to break up the stones into small enough pieces that can be eliminated.

When the stones finally pass, the individual will feel relieved for some time because the physical “blockage” has been removed, however, if no healing is simultaneously provided to remove the blockages on the Mental and Emotional levels, another physical ailment will manifest in time.

Free flow of Life Force energy from the level of Spirit will continue to be obstructed by these blockages on the Mental and Emotional levels, causing the energy that finally reaches the Physical Plane to be weakened and distorted. This may appear as recurring kidney stones, chronic kidney infections, or a completely different ailment. Until the Root of the imbalance is removed or healed, this individual will continue to experience some type of physical, emotional and mental discomfort.


How can I achieve and maintain Wholistic Wellness


1. Healing of the Physical Body 1. Nutritional Balancing brings our “machinery” or Physical Body to optimal working order through the safe removal of toxins, unwinding of deeply set mineral patterns and rebuilding body chemistry.
2. Healing & re-education of the Emotions & the Mind 2. Etheric Healing balances our Mind and Emotions through removal of energetic blockages and thought patterns, allowing us to create new, healthy responses to life and behaviors.
3. Connection to the Higher Self (Spirit) and Source of all Life Force 3. Both 1 and 2, when done in unison, create clearer Connection to Spirit, allowing one to access higher levels of Energy to be drawn down the Planes for Creation that is in alignment with one’s Highest Good on all levels.


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