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Want to live a more wholistic and mindful lifestyle, but don’t know where to start?
It’s possible to get beyond the overwhelm, increase your energy levels naturally, and create an environment that supports a healthy, toxin free, high frequency life. We’ll show you how.
There is so much out there in the holistic-natural field, that it can often feel totally overwhelming to make a choice. And many times, once you do choose, it feels difficult to stay the course.
The intention of this site is to share what we have learned about wholistic, non toxic living and the best of what has worked for us after years of trial and error. We hope that this information may provide some clarity and guidance, and possibly save you from investing time and money in practices and products that just don’t deliver.
We share from the understanding that there is no right or wrong way to live wholistically, and that our experiences are just that, our experiences. We feel happy and satisfied knowing that something on this site may help just one other person move a step closer to health and happiness.
  • Real life, applicable tips and step-by-step guides to:
    • Create a wholistic, non toxic home
    • Increase the body’s energy so that it may heal itself naturally
    • Safely remove accumulated toxins from the body with detoxification practices you can do at home
    • Care for yourself wholistically by attending to the physical, etheric, emotional, mental, spiritual levels in a balanced way
    • Meditate and connect with your own inner guidance
    • And much more!
  • A full list of products we have personally vetted that go beyond 'organic, sustainable, zero waste, and minimal'. Whenever possible we have chosen products that are non toxic and healthy for the people who are using them AND do not harm the people making them or the planet throughout their life cycle. We’ve included products from furniture, to clothing, to beauty/body and self care, to healing tools … the best of what we have found that has supported us in living a wholistic, non toxic life.
  • Information about whole systems healing, wholistic nutrition, and using hair mineral analysis to determine your specific metabolic type and which supplements the body currently needs.
  • Inspiration to assist in aligning with and maintaining your natural frequency of wellness; going beyond dependency on products or tools to feel well.
For most of my life I too have been labeled as sensitive.
I would experience a reaction to something that just didn’t allow me to function without pain or extreme effort, which would begin an intense search for unique solutions to allow me to live ‘normally’.
Using my inner guidance and intuition became increasingly important as the solutions I was needing were unfortunately not readily available. The non toxic products and practices that I was lead to consistently provided relief and positive results. I began to embrace sensitivity and appreciate the guidance it provided me.
I also noticed that the more I listened to this guidance and cared for myself wholistically - attending to the physical, etheric, emotional, mental, spiritual levels in a balanced way - the more energy I had.
As my energy increased, the stronger and clearer the connection to my inner guidance became, and the easier it was to maintain alignment with the high frequencies of well being. The wholistic, non toxic products and practices were terrific, temporary bridges to an elevated frequency. Once my body had some time to heal, I found I no longer needed many of them.
Today, my husband and I regularly to meet individuals who just cannot function in the world as it is, as well as those who are simply seeking to live a more wholistic lifestyle.
Time after time we have seen such a significant impact in people’s lives after they implement even one or two tips that helped us over the years.
I know that if I had a resource to turn to years ago, my life would have been totally different. This site is a space to share what we have learned and help others on their journey to wholistic wellness.
XO, Melissa + Julien

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